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    God has brought miraculous international connections to our church over the past twenty years! We support some incredible works from Haiti, to Kenya, to Ethiopia, and even here in the States to our first people groups -- the native Americans! Pastor Hall has physically been on the ground to every one of these ministries, and can attest to their effectiveness and heart for the lost! Read the descriptions and be sure to check out their links to the side. Your funds are literally bringing thousands of souls into

Ethiopia Mission

International Missions Outreach - Haiti:

We participate in this amazing ministry by helping support their children's eduaction program. They are educating over 5000 school children daily! Our Pastor has twice been to this mission and witnessed the life changing commitment they have to helping the Haitian children. Many of these children receive their only meal of the day while at school.

Your participation: For $25.00 each month you supply a child with a school uniform, backpack, books, school supplies, and food. You will receive a tri-fold brochure with your child's picture and information so you can see the actual child you are helping!

You may pay through the church office by marking your check each month for your Haiti child. We do not make up months from the church fund when you miss a payment. You need to make at least a 1 year commitment, but it's best to plan on supporting your child through the sixth or eighth grade. Each child is only sponsored by one American family. You can make more than one payment at a time, or even pay the year in advance! As we receive your support we send it on to IMO.

"First Nations Ministry" - Utah:

Each month we send $300.00 to Rev. Fred Smith, the founder and president of First Nations Ministry. He has dozens of Native American churches who are serving the native people. We have been blessed to be with him to preach to the Ute Indians of Utah, the Crowe Indians of Montana, and he introduced us to the Apache Indians of New Mexico. We have been on their reservation many times over the last 17 years!

Rev. Kennedy and Grace Shiku - Kenya Africa:

We first went to Kenya in the year 2000. The mother church is in the neighborhood of Langus, in Eldoret, Kenya. This is a poor area with unemployment up to 90%. This great church not only preaches the gospel to these folks, but also runs a feeding progam, a church school, a ministry training school, and the pastors house several orphans in their homes in addition to their own children. There are nearly a dozen other churches in the "bush" connected to Pastor Shiku. We send $600.00 per month to this very worthwhile mission.

Joshua Campaign International:

Many of you met the President and Founder of Joshua Campaign when we hosted the state campmeeting last July. Karl Hargestam and our Pastor became fast friends as they share a passion for winning souls! It was this ministry that invited our team to come to Ethiopia where we were a part of a crusade that ministered to 150,000 people! Some 35,000 salvations, countless healings, deliverances and miracles took place before our very eyes! Our own team saw the power of the Kingdom as we laid hands on people to minister to them.

While we are not currently sending any financial support to this ministry we certainly want to partner financially with a ministry that is reaping a great harvest of souls for the kingdom.

We would love to hear from you!

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